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that's where i caught her eye [Oct. 2nd, 2006|02:30 am]
[Current Location |home sweet home]

i hate knowing i have to wait to do things. i'm impatient.

i like the sound a cigarette makes when it's put out in an ashtray.

good hearing...it makes things scarier but still enjoyable. so, i guess it's not 1:2 bad.

i learned how to do the polka the other day. and i'm learning this new belgian dance. i don't particularly enjoy it though. i'm also getting better at cart wheels. and, i also forgot how much fun tennis can be. oh, and i can promenade the hell out of you.
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2006|02:23 am]
damn, baby. i'll be your MOAB. just tell me when, and i'll set it off.
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|01:26 pm]
i'll learn new things
and it makes my heart slip further away from me
hopelessly trying to find the boy
who only exists in technicolor now
the boy i wanted to pack in my suitcase
next to my panties and cigarettes
i think maybe
i would've lost myself in that luggage

we could really exist

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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|04:39 pm]
[mood |conquering]

the female of the species is more deadlier than the male

shock shock horror horror shock shock horror
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2004|03:42 am]
goodbye michelle, it's hard to die...
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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2004|02:24 pm]
[mood |aaaaaaggghhhhhhh]
[jamz |atmosphere]

romance me with pentagrams, restraints, and riding crops.
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2004|10:55 pm]
[mood |hornyhorny]
[jamz |happiness is a warm gun]

i was walking to the bus from the most awful, hardest final in the world. and, i was crossing through east mall, and the way the weather/night was pleasantly reminded me of scott baio...when one night we walked all the way there from colorado house at like four in the morning. he made me roll up my pants and we danced in that really pretty fountain and the tower was all lit up. and, it was pretty.

my robe has pot all over it. wtf?

i got a 90 on my portuguese final. yay!

eu sou beber e fumar agora. eu espero isso logo ano é maravilhoso. sou muito entediou. eu quero acariciar em colchão macia. tchao.
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2004|07:00 pm]
jasmine (jàz´mîn) also jessamine (jès´e-mîn) noun
1. a. Any of several vines or shrubs of the genus Jasminum, native chiefly to Asia and having usually compound leaves and white or yellow flowers. Some of the fragrant species are used in making perfume. b. The perfume obtained from these plants.
3. Any of several plants or shrubs having fragrant flowers.
4. Color. A light to brilliant yellow.
[French jasmin, from Old French jassemin, from Arabic yasmìn, from Persian yasmìn, yâsman.]

Emotional Attribute: Jasmine's fragrance soothes headaches, insomnia, depression, anger and worry, and dissolves apathy, indifference and lack of confidence. Also an aphrodisiac
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2004|02:22 am]
break my throat and cut my hair and all i ever learned from love was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2004|12:38 am]
Sunday, November 21
Darkest Hour
Between the Buried and Me
Cattle Decapitation
Fear Before the March of Flames
(members of Give Up the Ghost/Hope Conspiracy)

someone go to this with me. please???
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